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Yet another personal note.

I do my best.... correction, I try to do my best, and ninety percent of the time I fail. My days are filled with me apologizing a couple dozen times for various things, and this, is another time. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long. I love blogging and I love the Sims and I love the people over on the MTS message boards, but sometimes I get distracted and other times, I lose face. I'm an extremely introverted person, which sounds odd because admitting oneself is an introvert is in fact an extroverted thing to do. But oxymoron or not, there it is. As some if not most know, I have an inoperable brain tumor that was discovered last year. Funny thing is, it never would have been found had I not gotten into a car crash in 2008. At first friends and family thought the crash was a blessing in disguise, had the drunk driver not hit my sister's lover's car, they would've found out about the tumor. But soon that blessing became a curse because they couldn't fix it, and now I know about it, whereas I'd rather not. The crash was not without it's complications, the head injury I sustained shifted my brain out of place in my skull and it can never be shifted back. Everything above my upper chest hurts, twenty four hours a day. I fall, a lot, which leaves me covered in bruises, cuts, bumps, etc. So that makes the rest of my body hurt. I'm losing my hair because of my meds, I don't talk exactly properly anymore and my typing is less than stellar. I tell you this, not as an excuse, but as an explanation as to why I will come and go for long periods of time. I've not died, I don't have that kind of luck ;) And I've not abandoned the blog, or my legacy game. But sometimes, when I'm down, which can be often, the idea of posting, of the work it entails, it makes it not fun. Which is the last thing I want, because it's not work, it's not suppose to feel like work. It's a game, it's something you're suppose to waste time on. Which is why, I do and will again in the future, step away. But I will always come back, this I promise. Any time I go weeks or even months without  posting, to either the blog or the MTS boards, check my Sims LJ. Because there, that's where the random Sim stuff happens, and it'll always have some kind of update.

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Chapter Sixty-Two → *insert song lyric here*

What'cha guys reading? Huh? Huh? Huh?

A baby elephant painting, this can only mean one thing! Our Disney overlords have finally called us to arms against Pixar.

Oh, pregnancy, right. No, yeah, I was gonna guess that, eventually. 

That is one frantic looking nursery, if the baby doesn't have seizures from it, you know it was meant to be. Only the strong survive... or something like that, I dunno.

Normally I wouldn't trust a woman with a blowtorch, that could just have something to do with my own personal taste in women, but a pregnant woman with a blowtorch? That's an episode of CSI waiting to happen.

Oh good, no murdering happened, but birthing did. Hello Basil, welcome to the cuckoo's nest. Don't mind Loretta, she watched an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter and took it a little too seriously.

Right back to the blowtorch first thing in the morning huh? Okay, whatever you say.

Yummy! Bottle!

Soon enough Basil became a child, look at that bratty little vampire, don't ya just wanna pinch his cheeks?

Ah just what all toddlers love, mud!

After a healthy lunch from the garden, and I mean literally from the garden, there might have been worms. Liberty takes some time to teach the little one to walk, don't wanna have to be carrying his ass around the entire time now do we?

Then it's time for a quickie, I don't remember that being in any parenting book. 'After teaching the child to walk, go screw your lovers brains out.'

A chainsaw now!? What, some sex and suddenly you need to chop up a bush!?... You know, there's a bad lesbian joke in there somewhere, but I'm not gonna say it, nope. 

Tantric yoga anyone?

Man, parents are weird.

Chapter Notes:

No actual story, I know, but I figured a scattered narrative into my fractured mind was better than nothing lol. Things have been really insane and I've not been playing much, hence why my screencapping was so frantic, making it too difficult to get a cohesive story going, but I'll try harder for my next post. My mother's currently in the hospital and my own health is failing, so I make no promises about how soon my next post will come, but it will, eventually.

Also, Basil's traits are: Neurotic and Easily Impressed. He also has a whole slew of hidden traits, such as: Asian Culture, Can Apprehend Burglars, Makes No Messes and Can Salute. Yes, I know technically Liberty was adopted so she didn't have any of the hidden traits that the biological Talliway children did, but she felt left out so I gave them to her when she was a toddler.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chapter Sixty-One → Do what you what you want, you don't have to lay your life down. Do what you what you want till you find what you're looking for

Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson! 
There is full frontal nudity in this post, omg, naked pixel people, noe wai!! Yes, so buyers beware.

There was hushed giggling and stumbling as Liberty and Loretta tripped over one another in the dark of Liberty's bedroom, one shushing the other. "It's your fault." Libby giggled softly.

"It is not." Loretta could be heard through the darkness, speaking just as softly.

"Is to, your all vampire-y, shouldn't you be able to see in the dark?"

"That's cats Libby." Loretta snickered.

"Nuh-huh, vampires too." Liberty argued as the sound of clothes ruffling could be heard softly.

"You are such a brat."

"You love me." Liberty said, her smirk evident in her voice. "Okay, ready." She said.

"You sure?" Loretta questioned.

"If I wasn't ready, I wouldn't have said I was." Liberty assured as she carefully slung her bag over her shoulder. "Let's go." And with that the two young women slipped out of the Talliway's house in Sunset Valley in the dead of night, jumping into Liberty's car and driving off.... Well, what did you think they were doing?

They drove for days, stopping at rest stops and little hole in the wall motels that looked like they could have been run by Norman Bates. Eventually they happened upon a small dreary town called Glendalough, a place where fog and mist hung heavy against the ground and the sky was always grey. That was where the car broke down, that was where there was no motels or rest stops. That, that was where they were meant to be. "Dude, this place sucks." Liberty said as they stood just inside the front door of their new house, their dark and bland house.

"It's kinda dank, but it's big." Loretta said, looking around.

"Not as big as that manor up the hill, did you see that place? I could have rode a bike through it."

"Well you were the one who refused to take anything besides your college fund, so we couldn't afford it even if it had been for sale." Loretta pointed out.

"Yeah yeah, I know, how horrible, I didn't wanna rob my rich and famous daddies blind." Liberty said flippantly as she walked farther into the house.

"I know! What kind of privileged daddies girl are you?" The other woman called after her with a chuckle, teasing. Liberty's laugh echoing back through the scarcely decorated rooms.

Liberty eventually found a mid sized drawing room which she claimed for her art, hanging pieces she had brought from home with her on the walls to spruce up the place before setting to making more pieces to hang in other areas of the house.

Upstairs, after a quick change of clothes, Loretta had found the largest bedroom and claimed it as the master, unpacking to the best of her ability before taking a moment to rest, sticking her nose in one of the books she was suppose to be putting on the newly put together bookcase.

Eventually Liberty was pulled away from her art when she realized how late it was and that she hadn't eaten yet, her stomach grumbling about that fact. There was nothing in the house to eat yet, but she did what she could, whipping together some Kraft dinner. She ate alone in the dimly lit kitchen, thinking. She had run away, left home and everything she knew behind. It was unfair to her parents, she knew that, but staying would have been unfair to herself. Tommy tried, he really did, but given his history with vampires, there was no way he would ever be okay with Loretta. Sure, he'd fake it the best he could, but it wasn't fair to expect her father to live with something he was so against. Not when he had such a decent reason to be against the idea of vampires in the first place, which was what had led Liberty to the idea of skipping town, of starting new. Somewhere no one knew Loretta and her, somewhere they could be free to be who they wanted to be. They could marry and raise a family and grow old together, or well, Libby could grow old, Loretta just watching. Speaking of marriage -

Okay, so it might not have been a big beautiful ceremony with a hundred people in attendance, but it was still perfect.

As was the things that followed that night.

That night they dreamt of their lives, starting anew and living the life they've always wanted.

Soon it was dawn and both women were up with the sun, which meant Loretta was trapped inside for the foreseeable future. She took to poking about the rest of the large house, taking in the very empty looking living room. They'd need a better tv if they ever hoped to get their game system hooked up, stupid old timey tv.

Liberty spent most of her time in their bedroom, the only place that was properly decorated, that is to say as bright as all hell. She painted most of the morning, not bothering to get dressed until she remembered something. While Loretta didn't need to eat, she did, which meant she'd have to get groceries sometime.

Oh well, no time like the present.

Liberty was proud that she only got lost once while she tried to find the shops.

Of course all of that was overshadowed with embarrassment when she had to run out of the bookstore to vomit on the sidewalk, what the hell had come over her!?

Her bout of illness caught the attention of a passerby, the woman stopping to ask if she was okay. Seemed the redhead was a local by the name of Lacey, born and raised in Glendalough, coming from the richest family in town, the one that owned the big manor up on the hill that Liberty had noticed when they first arrived the day before. They two talked for quite a while, finding they had a few things in common. It was Lacey who invited Liberty to join her graduating class in their festivities, since Liberty had mentioned never getting to attend her own graduation. An honorary graduate, it was the sweetest idea ever.

Liberty was surprised that she was even offered a gown, not a cap since she wasn't technically part of the class, but the gown was more than she had expected so she didn't complain. Besides, she had many hats of her own that she could easily wear in place of the cap, like kitty ears, see?

Hours later she was an official graduate, even getting an diploma. It was more than she could have hoped for, seemed like the dreary little town held more to it than just it's dank surroundings. It held some of the most beautiful and accepting people around, which was more than a person like Liberty could ever hope for. She had a feeling she and Loretta would be just fine.

 Chapter Notes:

Short return chapter, I know, tiny even. But I'm out of practice and my pictures were sporadic at best, so I did what I could with what I had. Anyway, some points that need to be talked about. Their original generation goal of 'Change of Scenery' has been met with the move from Sunset Valley to Glendalough, the town I've moved them into I got off of GoS. It's gorgeous, oh my God, it's stunning to play in. It's dank and overcast, very spooky yet classic looking. It's an empty world, so ninety percent of the other characters you will see are characters I've created and moved into the town myself. There's a very small percentage of SP immigrants, and even they are taken from my binned Sims genetics, so they're no pudding, it's kind of amazing. Also, the Stylist career is still on the fritz, I've attempted to have Liberty work at it for a week in game and nothing happened. Which bums me out because I've never been able to play that profession, it kind of sucks. So I've made her a sculptor, I've yet to do that and I didn't wanna run the risk of rolling her for a job she couldn't do, like cop or firefighter or thief, ya know? Also, I re-rolled for the mis fun and got tattoo addict, not something I would have picked for either character, but I figured since Liberty is such an odd little sprite, why not give the tattoo thing a whirl. That's it for now, hopefully my next update will be much longer and more interesting, but I figured this was a good jump off point.

Monday, 12 September 2011

A 'non' Chapter.

Okay, so I'll admit, it's been a month, I don't remember the story I had planned out for the pictures I took before my legacy town died. But I do know, I didn't get them all taken which would have made using these pictures pointless anyway. But I don't wanna just jump from Liberty as a teen to her not being one anymore, so consider this a filler before the story can pick up again. Here are the pictures that would have been the start of generation six in Sunset Valley had it not glitched it's way to hell.

Breakfast the day of prom, good to see they all choose something healthy to eat.

Prom night, being talked into posing for a cheesy family picture before leaving.

See? Cheesy.

Liberty and Loretta's second prom picture of the game, and they're not only in different outfits, they're also in a different pose, I was happy.

Why Riker decided that the next morning he had to do homework in his sister's room while she was asleep is anybodies guess, but my guess is because he's an arse.

The birthday girl gets her favorite meal for breakfast, whee!

Before the cake was bought Loretta got her jailbait on, since she aged up the night before.

Whee! Cake!!

Adult Liberty, but wait, where's Loretta? Oh yeah, vampire and it's daylight out, duh.

So Liberty went to visit Loretta.

There was this whole long conversation scene that was going to take place, typical canon fodder. Attempted break up for fear of hurting her, oh it was all very Stephanie Myers I'm sure.

Eventually the loving happened.

Which led to the inevitable.

And there we end, my game glitched out soon after that scene and then life started kicking my ass. This is a 'non' chapter, just a bit of fill in so there's so confused jumping for when I do post my first official chapter. Which I'm working on, but I'm out of practice of taking pictures of everything, so my caps are still jumpy and it's bugging me. But my laptop has been over heating a lot, which makes pausing the game for a cap a bad thing because it causes lag with each pause/unpause that happens. I'll figure something out, until then, just keep an eye out.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Personal Note

I know I've not updated the blog in nearly a month, actually, it will be a month as of tomorrow so lets just bite the bullet and call it a full month shall we? But things at home have gotten really bad, my health is not any better and I'm under extreme pressure from many people. On top of that, my role play gaming life has restarted, albeit slowly at times. So that can also get in the way, as it's hard to play Sims at the same time as attempting to write out long ass scenes. That said, I've not abandoned this blog or my legacy, even though it's giving me many issues. My game glitched out completely, it took me four hours to get the game to load without crashing. I managed to bin my current generation, which is gen six, starting with Liberty and Loretta. I know my last update they weren't adults yet, but I had managed to age them up and such before my game glitched it's way to hell. So there is going to be one more post featuring the characters of Sunset Valley before the girls will be set up in a new town. Currently they are in Hidden Springs, but I'm not sure how well I like the town, I might put them somewhere else. Originally they're goal was 'Change of Scenery' which I had used my joker card on, but since they moved anyway, I'm going to go back to that original roll but reroll the miss fun since I feel like keeping the technically used Joker is sort of cheating. Keep an eye out here and on the MTS form for when my first return post is up, which should be soon, time permitted.

~ Stacey aka BlindingEchoes (BE)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Chapter Sixty → I'm reaching up towards the heavens but I'm holding onto hell, see facing her in heaven would be far worse than the devil himself

By the time Liberty got home from the park where she had been with Loretta, it was already very late. She hurried upstairs without a word to her parents as Tyrone watched Tommy pound away at his piano, the man had not moved from his spot behind the instrument all day. "We need to talk." Tyrone said to the other man's back.

"I don't want to talk." Tommy said sullenly as he continued to play, attempting to use Jazz music to drown out the conversation that he knew was coming.

"I'm sorry, did you hear me say 'your highness, would you do me the pleasure of speaking to me'?" Tyrone asked, hand on hip. "We need to talk, now."

Tommy sighed, hunching over his piano as he heard Tyrone move through the living room to sit, the soft sound his jeans made as he crossed his legs. It was such a gentle noise Tommy shouldn't have been able to hear it, but as it usually was with Tyrone, it was like everything was heightened. He could always hear him, feel him, pick up his scent from miles away. Tommy liked to pretend it was because of how head over heals he was for the other man, but he knew the truth, it was the little bit in him that was still a vampire, and he hated it.

"You didn't handle Liberty the best today." Tyrone said, resting one hand on the sofa he was sitting on, leaning on it slightly. He could always sit in such feminine ways and make it look easy, in tight jeans even, Tommy never understood how he could do that and still be comfortable. 

With a little defeated sigh, Tommy gave up on his music and got up, going over to flop on the adjacent sofa, leaning back on the arm. "No, i didn't." He admitted.

"Well, that's a start." Tyrone said, meaning the other man's admittance.  "Anything else?"

"Like what?" 

"Like perhaps you shouldn't have lumped all vampires into the same grouping as Darryl and his coven?" Tyrone offered, only to see Tommy roll his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes, you know you shouldn't have. You're not that small minded Tommy, i know you aren't. You weren't like him, were you?"

"I never had a chance to be." Tommy said gruffly.

"Okay fine, what about Gloria?" Tyrone asked of his step mother, the other man relenting slightly with a little shake of his head.

"You know she wasn't like him." Tyrone continued, his voice the only sound in the large room as night fell completely over the house. There was no sounds from above or below, it was like they were in a bubble, there wasn't even a ticking of a clock, not in this digital age. "And i know you wouldn't have been like him, one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch." Tommy just swallowed thickly, not saying anything. "I think your own hatred, as righteous as it may be, is clouding your judgement. She's in love." He said, meaning Liberty. "You must remember what that's like." Tyrone smiled.

"That's insinuating i'm not still." Tommy said, speaking finally.

Tyrone smiled brightly, getting up from where he was and moving to sit on the sofa that Tommy was on, the man shifting his weight as Tyrone flopped back against him. "I know you are." He said as Tommy threaded their fingers together.


"And just so you know." Tyrone said after a moment of comfortable silence. "Had the cure not worked, i still would have been here. We were in it for the long run, you and I."

Tommy just nodded, not saying anything, although right then it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders, his mind. Seemed that had always been a fear, pushing at the back of his thoughts. Had it been different, had he still been a vampire, would Tyrone have stayed? Seems he would have, and that knowledge alone made Tommy feel lighter.

The next morning, before anyone was awake, Liberty was already out of the house, zipping away on her scooter, really one of these days she'd get a damn car.

Most teenage girls spend their Saturday mornings in the mall or at the theater, Liberty, she spent her Saturday morning at the junk yard.

But there was art to be had, mostly because she was still very upset from the day before and burying her feelings in her art was her way of dealing.

She was just putting the finishing touches on a chair of all things, when Puzzle walked into her studio in his swim trunks, slightly damp, obviously having just come in from the pool. "Don't drip on the paintings." Was all Liberty said.

"I won't." Puzzle assured. "Listen, Libby, can we talk?" He asked.

"Sure." Was all Liberty said, looking off to the side, her eyes sad. That was one thing Puzzle loved about her, that even though her eyes were as black as oil they were still the most expressive eyes he'd ever seen. If anything, had she had normal eyes, it would have taken away from her expressiveness. "Listen, about yesterday...." He started out awkwardly.

"I didn't mean, i mean, i didn't wanna get you in trouble. I was jealous and sorta snapped out and i didn't mean too. I didn't know your dad would freak out like that, i don't even mind vampires all the much. I mean, what right do i have? I'm a reincarnated soul that was stuck inside of a child's toy, at least vampires weren't handed around to various babies in daycares like a teletubby shaped crack pipe from hell."

Liberty cracked a slight smile, chuckling, which in turn got Puzzle to relax a bit, smiling himself.

"All i mean, is i'm sorry, okay?" He said honestly. "Friends?"

"Friends." Liberty agreed, pulling the boy into a friendly hug.

Later that night, after a long day playing in the pool with her brother and Puzzle, Liberty was surprised to see her father walk into her bedroom while she was looking for her night clothes. "Can we talk?" Tommy asked, Liberty was really getting tired of that sentence.

The girl turned to face her father as the man looked off to the side, surveying the bright room. "What is it daddy?" She asked.

"I wanted to apologize about me flipping out yesterday, i shouldn't have blown up the way i did."

"Okay." Liberty said with a little nod.

"And i realize i shouldn't have said the things about your girlfriend that i did."

"It hurt." Liberty said plainly.

"I know, i shouldn't have said those things, but it was a shock and vampires and i have a sort of history..."

"I know." The teen cut in.

"You know?"

"Loretta told me about grandma and the cure, all vampires know the story apparently." Liberty said. "What i don't understand is why you didn't tell me? I'm old enough, i could handle it, you know i could handle it."

"It wasn't about if you could handle it, it was about if i could handle it."

"What do you mean?"

"Vampires, they're my biggest fear. What they are, what they do, what could happen if you get involved with one." Tommy said.

"I can take care of myself dad, i'm not a baby."

"I know." Tommy said with a gentle smile

"Please dad, please trust me that i know what i'm doing."

"I do." Tommy said with a nod. "I do." And maybe, one day, he's believe that he did.

Chapter Notes:

Not a long update i know, i considered posting more, but my meds make me drowsy and considering how many i take, be glad i managed to keep my eyes open to post this much lol. The teens ended up getting another prom like the day after i posted the last chapter, so yay, i got to do that. That will happen next update, as will Liberty aging up, marking the start of the 6th generation. Not to spoil anything, but i'm extremely happy with how Liberty and Loretta aged up, amazing. But then again, it's no secret how happy i've been with those two. I'll be posting another batch of character for download as well, including Tommy and Tyrone, so keep an eye out for that.